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A Partnership For A Good Cause

A Quebec staple for nearly 20 years, Cible Solutions started by helping nonprofits communicate the change they wanted to see in the world. Cible now has two business units that support nonprofits; a platform to manage online donations and a team of experts that craft communication strategies. With this unique offering, Cible has set itself apart in an increasingly busy market.

The Challenge

Cible’s first payment provider gave notice that they were shutting down their online payments division. Cible’s CTO began the search for a new provider that could migrate their existing client base and support their long term growth. 

Having originated in Quebec, most of their team and customers preferred to communicate in French. Yet their growth depended on expanding across North America and Europe. Cible needed to find a solution that offered expertise in both French and English. 

When it comes to payments, it can be easy to focus on finding the lowest price point. But low prices only help in the short term and don’t usually offer the support of a long term partnership. Cible needed to find an efficient and scalable partner while keeping the price in mind. 

The Solution

After scouring the market, they zeroed in on Bambora. Bambora had the scalability of a large enterprise, but with the human aspect that Cible was looking for. 

“It was in the possibilities that Bambora could offer in the long-term that made us choose them because obviously when we changed, it was a big migration for all our clients.” -Justine Rouse-Lamarre, Production Coordinator

Bambora’s bank agnostic gateway was a substantial decision factor for Cible. Cible required a gateway that would be able to support their clients no matter who their banking partner was, with no language barrier. 

The Results

Cible found a gateway provider that felt like a true partnership, one that was willing to showcase Cible and wouldn’t treat the relationship as a one-way street.

The bilingual support stood out for Cible, as well as the quick response times they received from Bambora. When there are items that need to be actioned, both companies are aware of the requirements. Collaboration, communication, and support all come together to create a successful, growing partnership.

“I’m never concerned about the well-being of our clients with Bambora. If there’s complications, there’s ownership on Bambora’s side. Someone’s going to step up, someone’s going to investigate and figure out what we can do to fix it, allowing us to focus on providing the best client experience.” – Hatim Zavery, Director, Strategic Development

Cible has only scratched the surface of its growth potential, and the value they bring to the nonprofit sector is making waves. With a unique software offering and leveraging Bambora’s scalable payment capabilities, Cible continues to break down barriers and hit new milestones across North America and beyond.

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