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Serving Up A Side Of Payments

From favourite local restaurants to commercial cafeterias with thousands of mouths to feed, the ordering experience is vital. But too often that experience can be clunky and take a bite out of profits. 

Enter Moduurn. Moduurn has created a solution to solve the challenge of losing brand equity and loyalty when using popular food ordering apps to get food out the door. By creating a mobile-first software that restaurants can customize, Moduurn allows restaurants to extend their brand into mobile ordering. 

The Challenge

Moduurn founders have been in the mobile ordering business since the beginning of app-to-couch delivery. When they were just getting started with Moduurn, they wanted to control their entire tech-stack to offer a remarkable customer experience. This led them to  try their hand at building their own payment service.

They found a white-labelling gateway but very quickly began to run into issues. Users were double, triple, or even ten times charged. As you could imagine, restaurants don’t have a high tolerance for those sorts of mistakes. When Moduurn looked into why this was happening, they found the issue wasn’t in their software, but coming from the gateway they were using. It was apparent a change was needed. 

The Solution

For Moduurn to provide restaurants with a smooth ordering process, payments need to be reliable and secure. Plus, the more insight into what is happening during the payment process, the better restaurants could learn and optimize. Moduurn was looking for one provider who could offer them all the tools they needed with one integration. 

That is where Bambora came in. The founders of Moduurn had worked with Bambora in the past under a different entity. 

“We already had a good experience with Bambora and have relationships with the reps there. It was pretty easy for us to say, “You know what? I’ve never had any problems before, let’s carry on.”

– Alex Cook, Founder and CEO

It wasn’t just the gateway and relationship with Bambora that swayed Moduurn’s decision. Bambora was also able to support digital wallets, a payment method that is the perfect complement to any mobile ordering solution. As Moduurn prepares for the future of mobile ordering and order ahead solutions, digital wallets are a must. 

The Results

Switching to Bambora in July of 2018, Moduurn was able to integrate fully and start signing up restaurants in only 30 days, without hassle. They were able to onboard dozens of accounts before the year was over. Now, Moduurn can confidently send their clients to Bambora, knowing they will be well taken care of. 

“One of the reasons we chose Bambora is the gateway, which integrates with all the different processors, and that really helps us out when our customers come with pre-existing merchant accounts.”

– Alex Cook, Founder and CEO

When it comes to options for online and mobile order-ahead software, Moduurn stands out as a champion for restaurants and commercial cafeterias. Their team works closely with each customer to increase orders, reduce mistakes, and, most importantly, create a repeat and loyal customer base. With Bambora’s payments running in the background, the only obstacle now is the food wait times.

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